5 Tips to Keep Your Eyes Healthy

Posted by: Clear Advantage in Uncategorized on December 28, 2016

Like the rest of our bodies, our eyes are affected by our health, so it is important that we keep our health in our consideration if we want to maintain good vision. Here are a few easy ways you can help to maintain the health of your eyes as you get older. Eat right: Eating a… Read More

Researchers Identify 3 New Eye Complications Related to the Zika Virus

Posted by: Clear Advantage in Uncategorized on September 24, 2016

Research conducted by scientists studying infants with the Zika virus in Brazil have discovered new dangerous eye complications that can be linked to the virus. These eye complications can lead to possible severe vision loss and even possibly complete vision loss. Three Brazilian infants that have microcephaly—a birth defect caused by Zika that causes shrunken… Read More