4 LASIK Myths and Urban Legends to Forget

Posted by: Clear Advantage in Featured, LASIK on June 24, 2022

What have you heard about LASIK? Because the procedure is so popular, you may have already heard many misconceptions. When considering a life-changing vision correction procedure like LASIK, the best thing you can do for yourself is to understand what’s true and what’s not about it. Understanding LASIK and how it works is key in… Read More

What is the Visian ICL?

Posted by: Clear Advantage in Uncategorized on January 11, 2022

Are you nearsighted, or do you have astigmatism? When LASIK is not an option for you, there is another way to achieve visual freedom called the Visian ICL.  With a million (and counting) lenses implanted and a 99 percent patient satisfaction rate, individuals love the difference the Visian ICL has made in their life.  Keep… Read More

Why is LASIK Worth Considering Before the New Year?

Posted by: Clear Advantage in LASIK on December 14, 2021

As the year comes to a close, now is a great time to consider how LASIK can improve your vision this holiday season and beyond. From colorful, glowing lights to bursting fireworks, you want to see it all. This time of year is busy enough. The last thing you need is to worry about your… Read More

Exercise and Your Eye Health

Woman Excersizing

Posted by: Clear Advantage in Featured, Uncategorized on February 28, 2018

There are many reasons that people exercise – increased energy, weight loss, and several additional benefits. But have you ever heard how regular exercise can keep your eyes on their A game? Here is how regular exercise is helping your vision! Living a sedentary lifestyle can put you at risk of developing conditions like cataracts,… Read More

Everything You Need To Know About Cataracts

Posted by: Clear Advantage in Uncategorized on January 31, 2018

By the age of 80, you have a 50 percent chance of developing cataracts. If you are unaware of how cataracts can affect your vision, it is when your lens that is normally clear becomes clouded. When you are dealing with cataracts it will cause your vision to blur, making it difficult to complete your… Read More