Why Achieving Visual Freedom Makes LASIK Worth It

Posted by: Clear Advantage in Featured, LASIK on July 25, 2023

Clear vision has never been more crucial in today’s world. Whether navigating daily tasks, being successful in your career, or simply trying to enjoy life to the fullest, being able to see clearly will help get you there.  If you struggle with the inconveniences brought on by relying on visual aids like glasses and contact… Read More

How Do I Know Which Laser Eye Surgery is Right for Me?

Posted by: Clear Advantage in Featured, LASIK on May 26, 2023

Are you weighing your options for laser eye procedures? Selecting the right laser eye procedure to correct your vision may feel daunting.  After all, there are what feels like seemingly endless options available now. Having so many choices may make a decision feel much more challenging than necessary.  At Clear Advantage Vision Correction Center, we… Read More

12 Ways that LASIK Transforms Future Adventures in Portsmouth

Posted by: Clear Advantage in Featured, LASIK on April 21, 2023

Are you tired of struggling with glasses or contact lenses while trying to enjoy your favorite activities in Portsmouth? LASIK may be the solution you’re looking for!  This life-changing procedure can improve your vision and enhance your experiences in this beautiful city. Keep reading for 12 ways that LASIK transforms future adventures in Portsmouth!

How are LASIK and PRK Different?

Posted by: Clear Advantage in Featured, LASIK on March 16, 2023

LASIK is not your only option to correct your vision permanently. Different types of corrective eye procedures are available, and a popular one you may not be aware of is called PRK.  When making a decision as big as the one to get a vision correction procedure, you should be aware of all your options…. Read More

Will LASIK Improve My Dry Eyes?

Posted by: Clear Advantage in Featured, LASIK on February 7, 2023

Do you wear contacts and suffer from dry eye symptoms? For some people, wearing contact lenses can lead to dryness.  Having dry eyes can cause frustrating symptoms like irritation and redness. If this applies to you, you’ll be glad to know that there is a way to reduce dry eye symptoms and permanently correct your… Read More

7 Signs You are a Good LASIK Candidate

Posted by: Clear Advantage in Featured, LASIK on December 2, 2022

Are you considering trading your glasses for lifelong visual freedom by getting LASIK? A laser vision correction procedure is a life-changing experience that can transform your daily life.  However, like every other procedure, it’s not a good fit for everyone. LASIK works by gently reshaping the cornea, the transparent outer part of your eye, with… Read More

How Long Does it Take to Recover from LASIK?

Posted by: Clear Advantage in Featured, LASIK on September 12, 2022

Have you been thinking of joining the millions worldwide who have achieved visual freedom with LASIK? In use for over two decades, laser vision correction procedures are life-changing.  Why? They can transform your vision.  One concern that potential candidates have is that they need to take time out of their routine and lives to have… Read More

How Do I Know if I’m a Good LASIK Candidate?

Posted by: Clear Advantage in Featured, LASIK on July 20, 2022

Are you tired of having to wear glasses or contacts every day? Every year, millions of people undergo LASIK to achieve their dreams of visual freedom.  What’s not to love about a world where you can see clearly without anything in your way? Contrary to what you may have heard, LASIK is a permanent way… Read More