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Do you rely on visual aids? Are you tired of needing glasses and contact lenses to see but wish there was something better?

If you’re wary of permanent vision correction procedures like LASIK, it’s time to learn about other options like the EVO ICL that can help you see clearly. Keep reading to discover 7 unexpected things you didn’t know about the EVO ICL!

What is the EVO ICL?

The EVO ICL is an additive lens placed in your eye to help correct nearsightedness and mild astigmatism. Unlike laser vision correction procedures like LASIK, the EVO ICL does not permanently reshape your eye. 

Instead, the lens is implanted in your eye, sitting between your iris and natural lens. No tissue is removed, and your natural lens is never removed, either. 

The EVO ICL is made of a material called collamer that is biocompatible with the eye, ensuring you won’t experience frustrating side effects like dry eyes.

How Does the EVO ICL Work?

The EVO ICL is implanted in your eye during a minimally invasive procedure. Implanting the EVO ICL only takes about 20-30 minutes per eye. 

First, you’ll receive numbing eye drops, which take a few minutes to disperse over the surface of your eye. Once these have covered the surface of your eye, your surgeon will make a small incision to insert the EVO ICL. 

Once inserted, the lens unfolds and can be positioned as needed. No stitches or sutures are needed, meaning the EVO ICL has a fast recovery. 

It works by bending rays of light to ensure they focus where they should on the retina to help you see more clearly.

7 Unexpected Things You Didn’t Know that Set EVO ICL Apart from Other Vision Correction Procedures

The EVO ICL is an incredible procedure that gives you sharper vision and the freedom to do what you want, when you want. But there are many other things that the EVO ICL does, too! Here are 7 unexpected things you didn’t know that set the EVO ICL apart from other vision correction procedures. 

1. The EVO ICL is Reversible

Say what you want about procedures like LASIK and PRK (which provide patients with incredible vision and often 20/20 vision or better), but one thing they can’t give you is the option to reverse your visual results. Although the EVO ICL is meant to be a permanent procedure, and most patients love their results, it’s the only one that allows patients to reverse it at any time. 

Because it can be reversed, you can also have the EVO ICL removed later in life if necessary, like if you need cataract surgery.

2. The EVO ICL Works Well if You Have Thin Corneas or Dry Eyes

One of the most common side effects of laser vision procedures like LASIK is dry eyes. Although these side effects are usually only temporary, this can be challenging for patients with dry eyes who want to improve their vision.

The same is true if you have a LASIK consultation and find out your corneas are too thin to have the procedure. What are your options? 

Because LASIK reshapes your cornea, you must have thick enough corneas to undergo the procedure. However, the EVO ICL doesn’t remove tissue from the cornea, making it especially well-suited for patients with thin corneas or preexisting dry eyes who want to experience visual freedom with vision correction.

3. EVO ICL Provides You with Excellent Night Vision

When you correct your vision, you want to know that you’ll be able to see clearly, no matter what you’re doing. Low lighting and night vision are often topics of concern with patients considering vision correction procedures, but with the EVO ICL, you don’t have to worry. 

You’ll have excellent vision at night with fewer glare and halos compared to other vision correction procedures. Thanks to the collamer material that the EVO ICL is made of, you’ll have excellent contrast sensitivity, making it much easier to see at night, especially if you’re driving in the evening.

4. EVO ICL has Built-In UV Protection

Although wearing sunglasses is a must after having the EVO ICL, you can rest easy knowing you have built-in UV protection. The EVO ICL has a built-in ultraviolet light filter to protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays and radiation. No other vision correction procedure offers this to patients.

5. Patients Can Look Forward to a Quick Recovery After Having the EVO ICL Implanted

For most EVO ICL patients, clearer vision is often almost immediate. This also comes with a quick recovery, meaning you can return to the things you love while enjoying them with better vision than ever before.

6. EVO ICL is Perfect for Active Lifestyles

Whether you’re at the gym every morning before work, are a first responder, or love a good marathon, the EVO ICL is perfect for those with active lifestyles. Enjoy getting in the zone without worrying about glasses taking away from the moment or contacts that take away from your focus. 

Instead, you’ll see clearly without frames or lenses to stand in your way.

7. No Need to Worry About Dry Eyes with EVO ICL

Dry eye can be incredibly frustrating. But with the EVO ICL, you don’t have to worry about your eyes and feeling uncomfortable. 

If you want to get up and go and love your vision, the EVO ICL will give you what you want and more. EVO ICL is especially worth considering if you know you tend to develop dry eyes, which may make you less suited for procedures like LASIK.

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