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Have you been thinking of joining the millions worldwide who have achieved visual freedom with LASIK? In use for over two decades, laser vision correction procedures are life-changing. 

Why? They can transform your vision. 

One concern that potential candidates have is that they need to take time out of their routine and lives to have LASIK. However, the good news is that the recovery is relatively short. 

That means you can get back to doing the things you love sooner and with clearer vision. Keep reading to find out how long it takes to recover after LASIK and for some tips to make your recovery go smoothly!

What is Recovery after LASIK Like?

When you know what to expect, you can see LASIK as a safe procedure that’s easy to recover from. Incorrectly, many people assume that LASIK has dire consequences, but this is an urban legend. 

On the contrary, most LASIK patients notice that their vision improves almost immediately. You’ll see better and better in the days and weeks after LASIK. 

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Your vision will be crisper and clearer, and you’ll start to notice the tiniest details. On the day of your procedure, you should plan to go home and relax. 

Since rest is always encouraged following any procedure, the best thing you can do is go home and rest for a few hours. Rest and relaxation are ideal if you want to kickstart the recovery process.

It’s completely normal to feel a mild itching or burning sensation in your eyes in the period immediately following your vision correction procedure. Your eyes may also be watery, which can make your vision blurry. 

You may notice that your eyes feel dry, which is the most common side effect of having LASIK. These side effects typically subside, go away on their own, and are nothing to worry about.

Your ophthalmologist will give you special eye drops. These promote healing, reduce potential inflammation, and prevent infection. 

They will also help to keep your eyes properly lubricated. Be sure to take them on the schedule advised by your eye doctor. 

They may also provide a plastic shield or cover to protect your eyes while sleeping. The shield ensures that you cannot rub your eyes accidentally or cause any damage to the delicate flap while it heals.

One of the essential parts of your LASIK recovery is attending your follow-up appointments. You’ll begin by having your first one the day after your procedure. 

During this appointment, your eye doctor will check to see if your eyes have started healing properly. You’ll continue attending these appointments in the months following your procedure to determine how your eyes are doing and avoid complications. 

Most patients that get LASIK end up with 20/20 vision or better. Many no longer have to rely on glasses or contacts to see daily. 

Reducing your dependence on visual aids is an incredible way of changing your life. Think of what the world could be like when you can see clearly without boundaries to hold you back!

How Long Does It Take to Recover From LASIK?

Although every patient is different, it doesn’t take long to recover from LASIK. You won’t have to take extended time off of work or plan to miss out on your regular activities. 

Most patients can return to work and most normal activities the day after their procedure. What’s more, they can do these things with better vision than they’ve ever had in their life!

The effects of LASIK are exciting, and you won’t have to wait long to notice them. Many patients can enjoy clearer vision in days or even hours. 

While most patients notice clearer vision within a day or two, it takes about six months to a year to completely recover from LASIK. It will take a few months for your improved vision to stabilize as your body’s natural healing process occurs. 

Your vision will only continue to improve as you recover. The exact time it takes to recover from LASIK can vary from patient to patient. 

It depends on a range of individual factors. These include the condition of your vision before LASIK and how well you care for your eyes after your procedure.

How Can I Make My Recovery Go as Smoothly as Possible?

You should take some actions while avoiding others to ensure the smoothest possible recovery. Not only are these essential for your comfort, but they are also vital when it comes to healing your eyes.

Immediately following your procedure, you may feel the urge to rub your eyes. While it’s normal to want to rub them, don’t do it. 

Part of LASIK is the creation of a flap in the cornea to access the tissue that needs reshaping beneath. When you rub your eyes, you risk dislodging this flap. 

In the first week, avoid wearing makeup around your eyes. Particles of mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow, and more can easily fall into your eye and cause irritation. 

That also applies to eye creams. In addition, you should avoid getting water directly into your eyes. 

For a month, stay out of bodies of water, including hot tubs, pools, lakes, and the ocean. Even chemically treated water can lead to infection. 

It’s also a good idea to take a break from strenuous activities like intense workouts or sports like football for several weeks. A bump to the eye could complicate healing. 

Because LASIK can cause sensitivity to light, be sure to wear sunglasses whenever you spend time in the sun. It’s always a good idea to wear sunglasses outdoors, but it’s even better after LASIK. 

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