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There are a lot of things you can do to make your summer more enjoyable. You can plan exciting activities, from old favorites to new ones you’ve wanted to try. You can take some much-needed time to relax.

But the biggest way to ensure you soak up every second of summer is by getting a vision correction procedure! Summer may be almost over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t correct your vision!

You’d be surprised to find out there’s no better time to permanently correct your vision! Whether you choose LASIK, PRK, or another option, if you schedule your procedure soon, you’ll be able to take advantage of your dramatically improved vision for the rest of the summer!

Keep reading to discover why a vision correction procedure is the answer this summer!

1. It Saves You Time

Time is precious, so why don’t you give yourself some back by getting your vision corrected? No matter how you like to spend your summer days, everyone wishes the warmer weather and fun in the sun could stick around for good.

That’s all the more reason to make the most of the summer while it’s here. Glasses and contacts are time thieves.

Sure, it may seem a bit extreme, but there are plenty of ways that your visual aids eat up your precious time daily. Consider, for a moment, all the little moments you spend on glasses and contact lenses every day.

You have to clean off your glasses because they get smudged with fingerprints and dirt. If you wear contacts, you have to put them in and take them out.

You also have to deal with remembering to reorder contact lens solution and even make sure you have enough contacts on hand. Now think about all the time you spend doing these things.

A minute here, five minutes there, all adds up quickly. What if you could get back an hour of your day and no longer worry about your visual aids?

You can make these fantasies your reality when you choose a vision correction procedure like LASIK. Getting LASIK only takes 30 minutes or less to complete.

Once you’ve corrected your vision and said so long to your refractive errors, you can take back your time. Undergoing a short vision correction procedure will allow you to save many hours in the future.

Not only will this affect your summer, but it will positively impact you for years to come!

2. It Saves You Money

It may seem like a vision correction procedure is the expensive way to go, but it’s not. What if you no longer had to spend money on your visual aids and the necessary accessories that go with them?

What many people are not aware of is that correcting your vision winds up being more affordable than a lifetime of wearing glasses or contacts. Who wouldn’t want to save money?

Wearing glasses and contact lenses is all about maintenance. Between the money you spend on frames and having to order new contacts, it can feel like you’re spending all your funds on your visual aids.

The problem is that it seems like this is the only way to keep seeing clearly. But it’s not! You can see clearly and achieve visual freedom if you choose to have a vision correction procedure—bye-bye glasses and contact lenses.

Wouldn’t you like to no longer depend on prescription sunglasses when you want to have a little fun in the sun? Once you correct your vision, you won’t have to deal with the hassles and expenses of prescription glasses and contact lenses any longer.

Vision correction is a one-time investment that pays dividends for years to come. Correcting your refractive errors also helps you have more money for what you want, whether that’s a new grill, going on vacation, or saving a little extra.

3. You Can See the Summer Better than Ever Before

There’s simply nothing like summer. The warmer, balmier season is a sight to see, from sunsets over the ocean to picture-perfect spots by the pool.

Sunbathing GIF by The Hills

Your vision may improve when you wear glasses and contact lenses, but wouldn’t you like not to need them anymore?

Things like LASIK and the EVO Visian ICL can give you better vision than you achieved wearing glasses or contact lenses. These visual aids can only correct your eyesight so much.

Vision correction procedures improve your vision beyond what only visual aids could accomplish. That means sharper, clearer vision and the likelihood of achieving 20/20 vision or better.

These procedures also ensure that you don’t have to choose between clear vision and going into the water. From pools to beaches, water and visual aids don’t go together.

After correcting your vision, you can make a splash and see clearly, whether you want to spend the day swimming, surfing, or going to a water park.

4. You Deserve Visual Freedom for Summertime Activities

Glasses and contacts can be inconvenient no matter what you’re doing. When you add summertime activities into the mix, they can become downright annoying and frustrating.

When you go sailing, bike riding, kayaking, or partake in any other summer activity, you create memories that last a lifetime. The last thing you want to remember is how you were worried about your glasses flying off or how the wind was drying out your contacts.

Let’s face it: most summer activities are not glasses or contact-friendly. Wouldn’t you rather take your summertime activities to the next level by achieving visual freedom?

The summer is supposed to be a time of fun and relaxation. When you get your vision corrected, you can have a blast without having to make special accommodations for your eyes.

5. You Can Take a Trip Without the Fuss of Visual Aids

Whether you’re planning a weekend at the beach, a getaway halfway across the world, or a camping trip, there’s a lot you have to pack. Before you know it, finding space for your spare pair of glasses or your daily contacts and cleaner becomes almost impossible.

When you rely on glasses or contacts to see, you always have to lug extra things around with you. It’s easy for them to become damaged or lost in transit. That’s the opposite of convenience!

After getting your vision corrected, you can look forward to vacations and trips that no longer involve frantically packing your visual aids. With vision correction, you’re one step closer to your perfect trip.

Does vision correction sound like the answer you’ve been looking for? There’s still plenty of time to permanently correct your refractive errors and enjoy improved vision this summer.

Find out if a vision correction procedure like LASIK is right for you by scheduling your consultation at Clear Advantage Vision Correction Center in Portsmouth, NH, today!