Your eyes and vision are like a fingerprint – truly distinctive and personal. At Clear Advantage Vision Correction Center, we use advanced custom wavefront technology to help make your vision the best it can be by developing truly personalized treatment options just for you.

Take a look at some of the equipment we use to make your vision correction safe, quick, and easy.

The Wavefront Factor: Measuring Your Vision

Wavefront Computer

Wavefront was first developed by astrophysicists. It provides the most technologically advanced measurement of standard visual errors and scattered light errors known as ‘aberrations’.

Wavefront technology, or aberrometry, is based on the principle that if an eye had no imperfections at all, the light passing through would not scatter.

However, because no eye is perfect, light scatters to form distinct patterns – called a wavefront. Wavefront technology measures your eyes’ entire optical system, enabling the surgeon to plan a treatment that exactly matches individual vision errors.

Your wavefront will be measured by the industry’s leading aberrometer, the Zywave™ from Bausch & Lomb.

Zywave abberometer

The Zywave Aberrometer measures your complete optical system so that your surgeon can plan the best treatment type for your eyes.

The Orbscan® II Topographer

Orbscan IIz Topographer

While it is important that your surgeon measures your optical system, it is equally important to know the shape of your cornea. This screening test enables the surgeon to assess the curvature and thickness of your cornea to determine if you are suitable for laser eye treatment.

Our practice offers only the most advanced FDA approved procedures, and our Bausch & Lomb laser, unlike the VISX laser, is the only custom laser in northern New England that has been FDA proven to reduce the higher-order aberrations that wavefront can measure.

Used for the advanced diagnostics (screenings) for Zyoptix Customized LASIK, the Orbscan is shown here to the left.

The State-of-the-Art in Laser Technology

Bausch and Lomb Tchnolas 217Z Excimer Laser

The Bausch & Lomb Technolas 217Z Excimer Laser

The Bausch & Lomb Technolas® excimer laser and laser bed have been designed not only for the comfort of a patient but very effective, efficient, and easy to use for the surgeon.

The Bausch & Lomb Technolas excimer laser uses cool ultraviolet light to reshape the cornea with the latest flying spot technique.

The Eyetracker

The Eyetracker

This highly sophisticated safety device locks in on the pupil and ensures the treatment of the eye is applied in the same way as the information acquired.

The system tracks tiny eye movements and guides the laser to follow them. This makes sure that the laser treats the correct areas of your eye.

The eyetracker stops laser treatment if excessive eye movement is sensed.

The DaVinci Femtosecond Laser

Davinci femtosecond

Blade-free Technology available exclusively in Northern New England at Clear Advantage

The newest technology that is “blade-free”. The DaVinci Bladeless technology is a laser that emits a very low-density series of pulses allowing for a more uniform surface for laser treatment.

The DaVinci laser moves back and forth over the designated treatment area on the eye, creating a round, shallow area of two million tiny bubbles linked in rows; this creates the corneal flap.

The surgeon then uses a special instrument to gently lift the flap and begin the LASIK treatment.

Because of the advanced technology used in the design of the DaVinci Bladeless Laser workstation, the surgeon is able to treat the patient by hand and not a joystick, giving the surgeon more precise correction and control.

Because the design of the DaVinci Bladeless Laser equipment is smaller, compact, and very mobile, it allows the LASIK surgeon to employ the excimer laser and operating microscope without having to make the patient move between two workstations.


Everything is done is one area – saving time and being efficient, while keeping the patient as comfortable as possible.