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What is it and Why is it important?

After your LASIK procedure you will want to make sure that your investment in your vision is protected!! You can ensure that your eyes are healing appropriately, that your vision is remaining stable and that any post-operative concerns are addressed by adhering to the suggested follow-up schedule. These appointments can be scheduled either with us, at Clear Advantage in Portsmouth, or with any of our fully qualified co-managing eye doctors.

These appointments are 5-10 minutes long and the typical follow-up schedule would be:

  • 1 Day – at Clear Advantage w/ Dr. Peters
  • 1 Week – either at Clear Advantage or with comanaging doctor
  • 1 Month – at comanaging doctor
  • 3 Month – at comanaging doctor
  • 1 Year – at comanaging doctor

If you have an established relationship with your existing eye doctor, or if you live a distance away from Portsmouth, this is a great opportunity for you! We have a number of optometrists throughout the New England area that are fully qualified to see you after the one day visit and best of all, there is no extra charge to do so!! Perhaps your regular eye doctor is already on our comanagement list !

Don’t let travel time for appointments get in the way of improving your vision!!

Contact us today to set up an evaluation!!
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