Posted by: Clear Advantage in Uncategorized on October 5, 2009

What makes “customized” or Zyoptix LASIK different from “traditional” LASIK?

Traditional LASIK, treats for a patient’s prescription alone, and although many patients with lower prescriptions and no night vision difficulties receive excellent results with this treatment, it may not be for everyone.

But what makes Zyoptix, customized treatment a better option for you? There are many factors that may make you a better candidate for a Zyoptix customized LASIK treatment. Having a higher prescription, larger level of astigmatism, larger pupils or poor quality night vision all may play a part in determining if you would receive the best results with a Zyoptix treatment.

During your intitial evaluation appointment you will undergo an advanced diagnostic screening process using the industry’s leading aberrometer called the Zywave from Bausch & Lomb. The Zywave collects data from over 9,000 points on each individual eye, which enables the surgeon to plan a treatment that is specific to not only YOU, but each of YOUR individual eyes, creating a truly personalized treament.

At the conclusion of your initial evaluation appointment at Clear Advantage Vision Correction Center our doctors will review and discuss all of your diagnostic testing results with you, to determine which of our procedures would best suit YOUR visual needs and why.

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