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Revital Vision

RevitalVision Manchester Lasik RevitalVision™ is a training program designed to improve the clarity of your vision. You can do it at home on your computer. It is a type of neural vision therapy and works by changing the neural activity in the brain's visual cortex, it is not a muscle strengthening exercise.  The process is painless, can be done in the comfort of your home and is GUARANTEED!

Revitalvision New Hampshire

If you are in mid-life, you have probably noticed presbyopia setting in and perhaps you have acquired a pair of reading glasses or had your glasses prescription changed. RevitalVision training can teach your brain to adapt to presbyopia so that you do not need reading glasses or a new prescription.

It can also be beneficial if you have had LASIK. Depending on a person's pre-LASIK vision and the type of LASIK surgery they had, they may have less-than-perfect night vision. RevitalVision can give you vision in dim lighting, which would be important if you do significant driving at night.

If you have had cataract surgery (replacement of the eye's natural lens with an implanted intraocular lens (IOL), you may also benefit from RevitalVision. There are several different kinds of IOLs, and each one gives slightly different visual clarity in various lighting conditions. If you need better contrast sensitivity, RevitalVision can create that for you in about ten sessions. It does not matter if your cataract surgery was recent or years ago.

Communication Between the Eyes and the Brain

Clear vision requires good communication between the eyes and the brain's vision center and each eye is connected to the brain by the large optic nerve.

  • Light-sensitive cells in the retina pick up image data from the light that enters the eye;
  • They convert it to electrical energy;
  • Tiny nerve fibers carry this electrical energy from each cell to the brain. They converge near the retinal center to form a large bundle called the optic nerve.
  • The two optic nerves (one from each eye) converge behind the eyes and travel to the back of the brain where the visual cortex is located.
  • Then brain cells then interpret the electrical energy as images, find names for them, and now we know what we are seeing.
  • For this process to work well, light entering each eye must come to a focus on the retina, not in front of it (myopia) or behind it (hyperopia). There must be a single focus, not two (astigmatism). To learn more about how the eyes work, please see Education and Information on the Eye.

Changing our Vision Habits

We learn to see when we are babies - it is then that the brain learns to accept the slightly different data from each eye and interpret it as single images. We settle into our vision habits and unless something intervenes, those habits remain for life.

The three events of Presbyopia, LASIK, Cataract Surgery require us to change those habits and adapt to new vision capabilities. RevitalVision training is a way to help us adapt such that our near vision and night vision are improved.

We will be glad to answer your questions about RevitalVision and discuss it as an option for you. Please contact our Portsmouth, New Hampshire office today to schedule an eye exam. If you like, you can complete this form to give us some information about yourself and what you are interested in.