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Visian ICL FAQ

What is the Visian ICL™?

The Visian ICL, made by Staar® Surgical, is a type of contact lens and is referred to as an Implantable Collamer Lens. It is implanted in the eye to correct myopia (nearsightedness).

Because it is behind the iris (the color portion of your eye), it is not visible to other people. It is a good alternative to LASIK if you are unable to have LASIK, or would rather not have it.

Does the Visian ICL work for farsightedness?

Visian ICL
No, it is designed to treat moderate to severe nearsightedness, up to – 20 D. Nor does it treat astigmatism. For more on how the eyes work, please see Education and Information on the Eye.

Who is a good candidate for the Visian ICL?

Good candidates are aged about 20 to 45 and have good general health. If you have diabetes, it should be well-controlled. It is best if you have not had any eye surgery before, and best if you have no eye diseases such as glaucoma.

Is it painful to have a Visian ICL inserted?

No. Your eyes would be numbed with eye drops before anything else is done. The procedure is short and you can go home right after it – you would need someone to drive you home. Most people feel no pain during recovery. The incision through which the Visian ICL is inserted is tiny, about three millimeters long, and typically no stitches are needed, as it heals by itself.

What is the Visian ICL made from?

It is made of Collamer, a proprietary combination of collagen and polymer. Collagen is a connective tissue found throughout the body.

The use of collagen makes the Visian ICL biocompatible and the body does not reject it as a foreign thing. Collamer is not tinted, but it blocks the sun’s UV rays for good eye protection.

How would I care for the Visian ICL?

It does not require any care or maintenance at all. Once you are fully recovered from the procedure, you usually have a clear vision at all distances, just as if your eyes were naturally 20/20. We will be scheduling follow up exams throughout the year after your procedure to ensure that your eyes are functioning well.

If there were ever any reason to remove the Visian ICL, that can be easily done.

Please see our main page on The Visian ICL™ for more information. If you would like to download and complete our patient forms before arriving at our office, you can reach them from this page.

To learn more about the Visian ICL, please contact Clear Advantage Vision Correction Center today. One of our friendly staff will be happy to answer your questions or schedule a comprehensive exam.

Jennifer Argiras, 32

Pre-operative prescription
Right eye: -1.25 -0.25 x180 Left eye: -1.00 -0.50 x180
Vision without corrective lenses after surgery: 20/15

"I am writing this less than 24 hours after the procedure, and I'm thrilled with the results. I was very nervous, as I am about any medical procedure, but the staff and doctors could not have made the experience better. It was painless, fast and everyone made me comfortable. And the results are amazing. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

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